SOLDERING IRON: 280 - 350°C, 3 Sec Max

SOLDERING DIP: 240°C Max, 5 Sec Max

REFLOW: See Solder Reflow Curve Below

Purchase Order: A purchase order is valid only when acknowledged and confirmed in writing by Microcom Devices Ltd.
(MDL). By issuing a purchase order, the Customer is deemed to have understood and accepted the following terms and
conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Order Changes: Any customer-requested revisions to the purchase order involving quantities and delivery deferments
must be approved in writing by MDL, as such changes may affect price and delivery due to inefficiency caused by
interruption of material and work flow. While all orders for non-stock products are NCNR (non-cancelable and nonreturnable),
requests for cancellation of orders for stock items are subject to the purchaser paying all expenses incurred
by MDL to the date of cancellation, and such arrangements may only be accommodated after prior written agreement
and on terms that the purchaser fully indemnifies MDL against all incurred expenses. Any items that are completed, in
production or transit cannot be cancelled.

Shipment: Since all prices are pre-tax and based on FOB Calgary, shipments shall be made at the purchaser’s expense or
account including all applicable taxes. MDL will not include an insurance to cover transit loss or damage to the goods
unless the purchaser provides written instructions to include such coverage. The title and all risks to the shipped goods
shall pass to the purchaser at FOB point upon delivery to the carrier. MDL shall make every effort to ship products as per
contract quantities and schedule, but shall not be liable to the purchaser for any noncompliance due to defaults by third
parties, labor disputes, acts of terrorism and war, natural disasters and any other circumstances beyond its reasonable

Liability: In the event that a willful act by MDL causes delays or non-delivery of goods to the customer, any and all
losses and damages resulting from such a cause shall not exceed the purchase cost or replacement of items remaining in
the contract or subject of dispute. In no events shall MDL be liable for incidental, consequential or punitive damages.
Substitutions: In the event that a products upgrade or substitution becomes necessary to maintain a critical schedule,
MDL reserves the right to make substitutions or modify specifications provided that the resulting products are similar in
form, fit and function. MDL shall use its best effort to inform the purchaser of such products upgrades as early as

Payment: MDL accepts Visa and Master Card, as well as credit terms on approval of credit. When a customer account is
approved, the invoiced amount shall become due and payable within 30 days of the invoice date. MDL will add 1.5%
interest as monthly financing charges on any balances remaining unpaid past the 30 days, and if the overdue funds are
not received within a reasonable time, MDL reserves the right to stop further shipments without prior notice. If the
outstanding balance is not received within 45 days of the invoice date, MDL reserves the right to reclaim all or portion of
the delivered goods up to the amount of the total debts.

Warranty: All MDL products are guaranteed against workmanship and material defects for a period of 12 months from
the invoice date. During this period, at its sole discretion, MDL will replace or repair any devices that fail to conform
while under proper use and application conditions. MDL will not repair or replace any items that its own diagnostic tests
have demonstrated as defect-free or misapplied.

Claims and Returns: The purchaser must report any material shortages to MDL within 24 hours of receiving the products.
In addition, any discrepancy between the specifications of the products received and the products ordered must be
reported along with any supporting test data to MDL within 5 business days of the invoice date. In the event that a
products return becomes necessary, and before the products are returned, the purchaser must contact MDL within 10
business days to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. The purchaser is responsible for all shipping
costs involving any returns.

Disclaimer: This website and its supporting tools provide free information that is believed to be accurate, but the user
assumes full responsibility for any damage resulting from its use. Every effort will be made to maintain and ensure the
smooth operation of this site, but MDL assumes no responsibility for its performance and availability. The information
and the documents provided through this site remain the property of MDL, and the users must obtain written approval
prior to copying or otherwise reproducing for commercial use. As part of its continuous improvement philosophy, MDL
reserves the right to change or modify the said information and any product specifications without notice. While MDL
provides free application assistance and product education, the customer’s designs and their safety remain solely the
customer’s responsibility. We advise that customers minimize application risks by incorporating sound engineering and
adequate design safeguards.

Governance: The laws of the Province of Alberta (AB) Canada will govern all sales contracts between MDL and its
customers, and the parties hereby agree to resolve any contractual disputes under the jurisdiction of the Provincial
Courts in the city of Calgary, AB, Canada. Further, each term of this contract is independent and separate from all
others, and if the jurisdiction holds any term to be invalid in whole or in part, all other terms shall remain in effect.

© Copyright 2004 Microcom Devices Ltd.